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Talking Turkey for the Sandwich Generation Part II: College Football and Powers of Attorney with You

Updated: Jul 13

College Students and Young Adults Need Powers of Attorney and Medical POA’s Too!

College students need Powers of Attorneys and Medical Directives

College students are headed home, newly launched kids are coming back to the nest for the holiday.  All sorts of conversations are being had, from who makes the best stuffing to who will be victorious in football.  There is one more thing to add to the list, “What happens if your young adult child has a medical emergency or becomes incapacitated? “

Even though you may consider your child still, well, a child, in the eyes of the law once your offspring turn 18, they are legal adults.  This means that you have no more rights to information about them than would a stranger.  This is particularly important if your child has a medical emergency while he or she is away.  Under medical privacy laws, a hospital has no legal obligation to discuss your adult child’s medical condition with you, even if you are the parent.  This is also true for young couples who are unmarried and living together.

The easiest way to make sure that you can help your child is to have them execute a Medical Power of Attorney and Durable Power of Attorney before they leave.  The Medical Power of Attorney will allow you to discuss your child’s medical condition with any medical provider.  The Durable Power of Attorney will allow you to step in for your child if they are unable to manage their affairs.  Both documents can be prepared and signed in one appointment.

Contact us today to discuss a Medical Power of Attorney and Durable Power of Attorney for your college age and young adult children, and we’ll help you get set up.  Email Melanie Levan to set up an appointment.

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