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Shareholder and Director of the Real Estate and Estate Practices
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Chief Operating Officer and Co-Director of the Estate Practice
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Judith A. Schneider
Diana R. Sever, Esq.
Litigation and Special Education Team Leader

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Developing a Paid Time-Off Policy

Developing a Paid Time-Off Policy Americans are known for putting in long hours with little rest, which can lead to burnout, lower productivity, and decreased job engagement. Although employers are not legally required to offer paid time off (PTO) to their workforce except in a few states, most choose to

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Purchasing Real Estate for Business

Business owners must constantly weigh risks versus rewards when evaluating growth strategies. An example is owning commercial property, which involves more responsibilities and expenses than leasing a space. However, over the long term and in the right circumstances, commercial real estate may be a smart investment with a high upside. 

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Why You Need Insurance for Your Business

Why You Need Insurance for Your Business

There is a lot riding on your small business. You have invested your money, time, and sweat equity to build a company that will be successful for years to come.  Even if you make all the right business moves, unexpected costs can arise at any time. Accidents, natural disasters, data

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What is Business Litigation?

What Are The Four Common Reasons Your Business May Be Sued? Today’s business environment is challenging at best, and small and large businesses are always open to being sued for various reasons. You’ve spent years building your business, but if you’re sued and fail to take immediate charge of these

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