The staff at Posternock Apell are trustworthy. They’re an honest firm: they’re not just looking for money, and try to save you money wherever they can. Their help changed my life, and I advise anyone looking to hire them to trust this firm.” your collection through a dataset. Click Preview to see my content. To update me, go to the Data Manager.


“I’m so glad Dan is my lawyer. I never worry knowing I have the best guidance. Thank you so much for fitting me into your schedule, easing my mind and educating and guiding me.”


“Melanie and Mr. Apell have done so much. They listened to me when they didn’t have to and Melanie has been there for me as much as anyone on the phone can be through this time.”


“Thank you for shining some clarity on a very sensitive concern that involves people that I love and care deeply for; you came highly recommended. Kimberly is a major asset to your organization, She was very patient, very professional, very courteous and came off with a pleasant demeanor. If she was not sincere, she is in the wrong field and should become an actress.”


“I needed a reputable law firm to defend me in New Jersey. I was referred to Posternock Apell by another law firm. Posternock Apell is currently defending me against a frivolous lawsuit. Posternock Apell will keep your best interests in mind while defending you – losing or winning.”


“I’ve known and worked with Jeff Apell on real estate transactions, and trust him, so I went to Posternock Apell to prepare our wills. He has a straightforward and honest approach as well as excellent communication.”


“We were repeat clients returning to a firm that has been great to us in the past! They’re very fair priced and great to deal with.”


“Posternock Apell is a trustworthy firm with a good reputation.”


“Dan is the best attorney I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Thank you again for your continued patience and making me feel heard and less stressed!”


“Mr. Apell is really sharp and knows his stuff! I want to use him for everything I need. I can’t thank you enough for seeing us today even though we came on the wrong day!”


“I own commercial real estate and need a firm that will be flexible and responsive to my needs. Posternock Apell has exceeded my expectations by providing the expertise needed well within my timeline. Whether it’s legal advice or contractual assistance, many of my needs are time sensitive. I always feel as if I’m your most important client and get sound advice. If you’re looking for an attorney, my recommendation is to call Posternock Apell. They are reasonable, easy to work with and extremely responsive.”


“Dan, Thank you for today. For your professional character. For your expertise. For your confidence in working out a comfortable and reasonable solution. But most of all, for being there for me. Although I was stressed, I was also calm because I have such confidence in you. It would take a thousand words or more to express my sincere gratitude to you for handling this for me, and for being the person that you are and who I respect greatly.”