Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) allows you to resolve your dispute quickly and cost-effectively. Our New Jersey ADR can help resolve your case.

The legal team at Posternock Apell, PC includes trained mediators in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) who can help you avoid potentially costly litigation by resolving your case in the least expensive and least time-consuming way possible. Our skilled ADR mediation advocates have a variety of proven strategies. We begin by designing a presentation that emphasizes the advantages of compromise and then work toward crafting a deal that benefits you. Resolving your case without traditional court litigation will save you money.

Of course, sometimes a court battle is necessary. Although our goal is always to resolve client disputes without the need for costly litigation, we are also prepared to take a hardline approach when necessary. We are skilled litigators who don’t back down when faced with challenging opposing counsel or difficult circumstances.

Our firm’s philosophy is simple: “Winning a lawsuit requires an experienced trial attorney who knows how to get the job done.” That being said, we also know that the process of winning your case starts long before you enter the courtroom. It starts the moment you hire an attorney to represent you. We have extensive trial and litigation experience, giving us a hard-earned reputation for fighting for our clients.


If you have been seriously injured or are involved in a business dealing gone awry, construction project dispute, or consumer protection litigation, you can rely on our skilled litigators to fight for your rights and interests.


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