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Two Experienced South Jersey Law Firms Team Up to Provide Expanded Legal Services


“We are extremely excited to continue to provide excellent legal representation to even more clients in Burlington County and throughout the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas,” said shareholder Jeffrey S. Apell, Esq. “This new opportunity is great for our staff, the attorneys, and most importantly, our clients.”

Efforts to combining the firms are expected to be seamless as both legal teams share many of the same practice areas. Combining forces will reinforce Posternock Apell, PC’s ability to provide outstanding legal services going forward. The new firm will continue to offer help with Bankruptcy, Family Law and Divorce, Business Law, Wills & Estates, Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Consumer Protection and Litigation.

Dan Posternock, one of six shareholders of the firm, said he is honored that the accomplished lawyers at Apell & Detrick, PC see the value in partnering with his team. “I am excited about expanding our ability to provide help to those in need throughout the region. The addition of the Apell & Detrick’s experienced lawyers and their excellent support staff raises the bar of this firm’s future.”

Both firms have been in business for several decades with a mission of offering South Jersey residents legal services at reasonable prices. In fact, the firm prides itself on its flexible billing options which allow those in need of legal assistance access to the kind of expertise typically found only at larger firms. Erwin D. Apell, Esq., noted that the merger will enable the combined team to “expand Apell & Detrick’s scope of services, increase the use of our technology and, therefore, lower costs to our clients.”

Shareholder Paul C. Detrick, Esq., said, “Apell & Detrick has always been about providing excellent service to our clients. The same can be said for McDowell Posternock. The combination of the two will enable us to offer expanded services to a broader range of clients.”

Going forward, the lawyers and staff at Posternock Apell, PC will continue to fulfill the commitment both firms made long ago to their communities. Shareholder Melanie M. Levan, Esq. noted that “We treat each and every client with compassion, guiding them through an often-complex legal maze. Our lawyers are all skilled negotiators and, when necessary, tenacious litigators.”

“We put clients’ needs, interests and rights first,” added shareholder Ellen M. McDowell, Esq. “We don’t back down to those responsible or opposing counsel. We fight tirelessly to protect our clients’ interests every step of the way. As our tag line suggests, we’re respected, resourceful and resolved.”


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