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Updated: Jul 13

“We are Drowning in Information But Starved for Knowledge.”

– John Naisbitt

Posternock Apell, PC’s Special Education team continuously seeks to broaden its understanding of the needs of students receiving special ed services.   To that end, we have scheduled a series of structured roundtables designed to elicit opinions and suggestions for improvement from stakeholders in this arena.

On May 1, our team had the opportunity to speak with parents  during a 2 hour Posternock Apell, PC sponsored dinner at Harvest Seasonal Grill in Moorestown.   Our discussion centered around the challenges and obstacles to getting appropriate services.  A partial summary of comments follows:

•    “I have no idea as to what a school could or should provide.  I feel like I’m flying blind.”

•    “We get misinformation – even from the County Office of Special Ed.”

•    “We are education starved and need reliable and current resources.”

•    “I wish there was someplace we could call to ask ‘stupid’ questions.”

As we explored this pervasive problem together, roundtable participants suggested that a helpline dedicated to answering basic questions would be welcome.  Another idea was for Posternock Apell, PC to create a Facebook or other online community where a professional would be available on a weekly basis to shed light on parent inquiries.  Finally, the group told us that parents in the community would benefit from a series of educational seminars taught by one or more of our lawyers.

Do any of these ideas resonate with you? Please contact Matt Litt at (856) 642-6445 if you have any additional suggestions or want to become part of the conversation.


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