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Posternock Apell attorney Matthew Litt earns recognition for historic preservation

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Paterson, NJ – Matthew Litt, Esq. along with Dr. Doris Carpenter, Mo’Neke Ragsdale and Vida Neil of the Camden High School PTO were honored by Preservation New Jersey on June 7 at the 2018 New Jersey Historic Preservation Award Ceremony.

Litt and the members of the Parent Teacher Organization received the NJ Historic Preservation Leadership Award in recognition of their efforts to prevent the demolition of the historic Camden High School.

The award honors important contributions to the preservation of New Jersey’s historic and archaeological resources and recognizes those who are dedicated to advancing preservation in New Jersey.

Litt, who represented the Camden Parent Teacher Organization in a suit to prevent the demolition of the school, described the award as bittersweet.

“I’m honored to receive this award alongside the dedicated parents of the Camden High School PTO,” Litt said. “Even though we could not save historic Camden High, this award feels like a testament to its memory.”

Click here to learn more about Litt’s work in historic preservation law.

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