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New Jersey Voters Take Notice: the Time for Women’s Equality is Now

It’s 2014 and almost hard to believe that people are still being forced to discuss women’s inequality. Unfortunately, facts are facts. Did you know that, in New Jersey, women make only 79 cents to every dollar a man makes? How can that possibly be?

Still, UltraViolet, a national women’s advocacy organization, has decided 2014 is the year to take a stand on this issue – and several others. The group purchased billboard space at Newark’s Liberty Airport and many train platforms around New Jersey. The message is clear: voters should make their contempt for inequality clear this Election Day, Nov. 4.

New Jersey isn’t the only place that UltraViolet is targeting with its campaign messaging. Voters in both Minneapolis and Boston will get the chance to see billboards with specifics about their state’s inequality, as well. Issues at hand are paid sick leave, minimum wage increases, the disparity between how much men make in contrast to their female counterparts and women’s reproductive health issues.

In NJ, Gov. Christie voted to cut spending on women’s health programs and only six cities currently pay workers when they take leave before they are sick. Trenton and Montclair get to vote on sick leave on Nov. 4. (The sick towns, all in North Jersey, that do pay sick leave are Paterson, Passaic, Jersey City, Newark and East Orange.)

UltraViolet paid for the ads with the hope that voters in NJ and the other cities will take notice of how their current elected officials have been voting on issues regarding women’s equality.

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