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Helping Students with OCD

Most parents whose child has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) know that schools are required by law to offer assistance to students with disabilities. However, many are confused about the complexities of the process and aren’t sure how far to push for services.  In response to requests from parent groups, the Posternock Apell, PC Special Ed Team has created a slide deck that provides an overview of these topics:

  1. Synopsis of federal disability laws

  2. Features of IEP vs. 504 Plan

  3. Tips for writing letters in support

  4. Special Ed for the student with OCD

  5. Related Services such as physical & occupational therapy

  6. IEP & 504 Accommodations

  7. How to request an IEP & 504 plan

  8. Tips on preparing for the meeting

If you have further questions after viewing the slide deck, feel free to contact New Jersey special ed lawyer Diana Sever at (856) 642-6445.


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