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Health Insurance after Divorce Less of a Worry in Obama Care

Updated: Jul 13

There was a time when deciding to get divorced meant that one spouse may lose


Prior to Jan. 1, 2013, a divorcee who was covered by their spouse’s health insurance plan before the divorce would be entitled to pay – out of pocket – the usually high cost of COBRA. Now, a person could keep coverage for up to three years, but would be responsible for all of the cost. After the three years, anyone under the age of 65 would have to find coverage elsewhere.

Another benefit of the new ACA program: Before, people with preexisting health conditions might have been turned down for insurance if they had to apply on their own. Now, there are no pre-existing condition clauses to worry about. Just head to the government’s health insurance website and choose from myriad options.

A savvy divorce lawyer may even advise you to compare the cost of keeping your spouse’s insurance under COBRA against what you can find on the government’s health insurance market, so you can determine which is the most fiscally feasible.

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