Suing someone is often time-consuming and expensive. On the other hand, if you’ve been wronged —  perhaps someone has not fulfilled a business contract, you’ve been injured due to someone's negligence, or a real estate transaction has gone awry — litigation may be necessary to repair the harm you suffered. When you speak to one of the litigation attorneys at Posternock Apell, PC, you are immediately connected to decades of experience and education.

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Posternock Apell, PC’s mission is to quickly resolve your South Jersey business lawsuits efficiently, without giving up your rights. 

Our attorneys are experienced in many practice areas, including business law, estates and trusts, real estate, consumer protection, employment law and special education. You can rely on our attorneys’ skill and expertise in numerous areas of law to gain an advantage during negotiations, mediation, and litigation.

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If you have been seriously injured or are involved in a business dealing gone awry, construction project dispute, or consumer protection litigation, you can rely on our skilled litigators to fight for your rights and interests.