Flexible Billing Options

New Jersey Lawyers Offer Flexible Billing Options to Clients

In a recent survey of chief legal officers, discounted fees was cited as the most important area in need of improvement by outside counsel. Not far behind was billing clarity, predictability, and, thereafter, alternative fees.

One author has dubbed hourly billing as “The Opiate of the [Legal] Profession” and offers this appraisal of “The Almighty Hourly Rate”:

“The profession has taught approximately two generations of professionals the only thing they sell is their time. This is unadulterated nonsense, for a very fundamental reason – no client buys time. How can you sell something you don’t sell?…customers buy expectations, results, sleep, peace of mind, etc, not hours.”

We know that many agree with this viewpoint. You may be one of those who agrees. Here is our perspective, as providers of legal services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania: We have always been flexible with fee agreements – having had a mix of flat and hourly rates throughout the history of this firm. We believe that the most critical element of this aspect of the lawyer/client relationship is cooperation and understanding.

We put our reputation on the line every day in our effort to earn our clients’ trust and continuing business. When it comes to customer service, this year is no different than yesteryear for us.

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about Posternock Apell, PC, including our philosophy on fees and the type of services we can provide you and your company.