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Estate Administration

We are experienced New Jersey estate administration attorneys.

Thinking about planning for and making end of life decisions is never easy. The Posternock Apell, PC team  understands your stress and concerns. We have helped many individuals and their families navigate the estate administration process and will do what we can to make it easier.

The role of a designated estate administrator is to legally and responsibly carry out the wishes as they are defined in the deceased's will.  An administrator will pay bills and manage bookkeeping, manage and distribute the assets of an estate according to the will, sell or donate assets in accordance with the will, pay taxes and handle legal filings that are required. Sometimes, unfortunately, there are hard feelings or misunderstandings among family members.  

As estate administrators, we understand that this is a difficult time for the family of loved ones.  We understand what needs to be done and offer a compassionate approach to managing this difficult task.

Happy Elderly Couple.

Estates & Trusts

Happy Elderly Couple.

Our lawyers know the importance of protecting your assets and planning for the future through sound estate planning. We can help with wills, trusts, and more.