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COVID Questions: How can I Protect My Family, Home and Assets, now and in the Future?

Let Posternock Apell, PC connect you to the answers you need now.

At Posternock Apell PC, questions are the foundation of our relationships. Equally as important is partnering with someone who has or can find answers. We’ve built a reputation of doing that and more.

Amidst the current crisis, are you asking yourself the right questions and taking needed steps to protect your family and property? Our team is here to be your sounding board. We can discuss your questions and resolve your concerns, with the right planning.

PERSONAL: You and Your Family

Neither of my parents has an Advanced Medical Directive; what will happen if one gets sick?

Our estate planning documents are incomplete or outdated; what can/should we do right now?

Now more than ever, we worry about our child with special needs; what can we do to protect them?

Is there a way to give a trusted individual temporary, short-term authority to manage my affairs?

When selecting the “right” childcare, what are some questions we should ask?



My house is under contract to sell, can the buyer cancel the agreement due to COVID-19?

We are ready to move into a new home, is the seller able to now rescind the deal?

Can commercial tenants withhold rent and CAM (Common Area Maintenance) charges, and are there protections?

Due to the virus, the home repairs required for purchase cannot be done; do I have options?

As a commercial landlord, can I compel tenants to pay their rent and CAM charges?

Have you been asking yourself any of these questions? If not, should you be asking them?Let Posternock Apell, PC connect you to the answers you need now. Call today for a free, confidential phone consultation.


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