Checklist for Special Needs Trusts ​Consultation:

Having a special needs child or loved one creates unique stresses for families. Putting in place a Special Needs Trust can help alleviate some worries and provide more stable financial resources, no matter what happens. Please cut and paste, or print out, this checklist in preparation for your meeting with a Posternock Apell, PC Estate and Special Needs Trust attorney.

1. Provide name, address, birth date, social security number of the family member for whom the guardianship is planned.

2. List of all current assets owned by family member, including current bank balances, investment account balances, life insurance, IRAs, 401ks, pensions, and real estate.

3. List of all monthly income by source.

4. Provide names and addresses for all immediate family members.

5. Bring a copy of the disability determination letter.

6. Identify who would serve as a Trustee of this trust.

7. If the first Trustee was unable to serve, who would serve as a backup?

8. Identify who will receive the assets of the trust if the beneficiary dies.


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