Checklist for a Guardianship Consultation:

Planning for your children’s or loved one’s future is an important step to taking care of them.  Please cut and paste, or print this form, to complete it in preparation for meeting with your Posternock Apell, PC estate planning attorney.

1. Provide name, address, birthdate, social security number of the family member for whom the guardianship is planned.

2. List of all current assets owned by family member, including current bank balances, investment account balances, life insurance, IRAs, 401ks, pensions, and real estate.

3. List of all monthly income by source.

4. Provide names and addresses for all immediate family members.

5. List the names, addresses and phone numbers for two doctors that your family member sees regularly, as well as any others that may be important for a guardian to know about.

6. Provide a copy of any Will, Power of Attorney, or Medical Directive or Living Will your family member has in place.

7. Describe what your family member can do for him/herself.

8. Describe what your family member do for him/herself


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